Smartphones and Time Matters

Smartphones and Time Matters

As we begin a new decade, smartphones and Time Matters are in transition. For years the Treo and other old Palms offered the best link with Time Matters. No mobile phone or smartphone has emerged as the clear winner of the "works best with Time Matters" honors.

Time Matters has evolved so that it works well with Microsoft Exchange using a free Time Matters Exchange synchronization utility program. That opens the door to synchronizing with a host of smartphones.

I have created a mindmap or outline to help you choose the best smartphone to use with Time Matters.

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Microsoft Exchange is now affordable and much simpler for solos and small firms who subscribe to hosted Exchange services. (Ask me about an excellent hosted Exchange and hosted BlackBerry service.)

My old, slow Motorola Q sorely needs to be replaced. And a number of my clients have asked for advice on replacing their Treos and other mobile phones. So I have researched the question: "What is the best smartphone for you, me and other Time Matters fans?"

The answer depends on your priorities. The mindmap comes with a number of qualifiers. When choosing a smartphone to synchronize with e-mail, contacts and calendars, you must deal with a complex set of variables and interrelationships.

New smartphones are released every few months. LexisNexis is working hard to improved the links between Time Matters and a host of important third party products, including phones. The choices in mid-year will be different from those we have today.

Please do not hesitate to call me if you would like advice on what will work best for you with your existing or planned technology and mobile phone carrier.

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