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Only third-party products and services we actually use are listed here. They all are compatible with Time Matters. We have found them especially useful and stable.

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Recommended Products from Other Companies:

Security Products and Services

  • SecureMyFirm - Affordable, advanced protection against computer failures and disasters

  • LastPass - Secure password vault that protects against web services break-ins

Remote Access Services

Time Saving Techologies

Security Products and Services

The reputations and rankings of security products change frequently. We watch this important niche closely and recommend the products and services that protect against the latest threats and minimize annoyances and interference with your computers.


Ultra-Secure Cloud Backup

An ultra-secure backup service designed for attorneys and firms, SecureMyFirm protects all your critical files automatically and continuous. Unlike similar backup services, SecureMyFirm protects unlimited versions of your documents and all deleted files for a year or more and all your current and historical files forever.

SecureMyFirm runs automatically to back up the information you would lose if you relied on a different backup service and your hard drive crashed or another disaster struck.

Backups are protected by 256-bit encryption and stored on redundant servers with state-of-the-art electronic and physical security. The service is offered and supported by our partner company, Active Online Inc., founded by Wells H. Anderson, J.D.
Click for more information on SecureMyFirm...


LastPass automates the process of logging into password-protected websites. Do you use multiple websites where you have accounts and need to login? LastPass can both save you a lot of time, spare you from remembering and entering logins and passwords, and keep you much safer by allowing you to use multiple, truly strong passwords.

With LastPass you use one login and one super-secret, strong password to store and protect all your passwords and critical private information. No one can access the contents of your account without your master password. Your master password is not known to LastPass administrators, and they cannot recover or restore it.

Your LastPass page becomes your homepage for logging into any website using any or all of the major Web browsers (Microsoft Internet Explorer, FireFox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, iPad). Login to LastPass once and a single click opens any site or service for you.

Sure, maybe the idea of trusting all your passwords to some company scares you. But what is more frightening is exposing your bank information and all your other online information to hackers. If you reuse your passwords, use variations on the same password, or use passwords shorter than 12 characters, you are at risk. "Clever" passwords no longer protect you.

Do you want some assurance that LastPass is safe? Steve Gibson, a trustworthy authority on Internet security, has approved it. His analysis is exhaustive and impartial. For more information:

The service is available in free and premium ($1.00 per month) versions. The free version is fully functional but displays an advertisement on the side of the screen. The premium version is ad-free and supports use on mobile phones.

Remote Access and Screen Sharing Services

These services let you work with anyone over the Web. They are offered on a subscription basis. Please contact the vendors for details.

ConnectWise Control

This well-respected service, formerly ScreenConnect, is free for one user. It gives you remote access to up to three computers or devices.


UPDATE - 10/17/2018 - Due to its stunning price increase, far higher than the competition, we recommend against GoToMyPC.Consider ConnectWise Control Free as an alternative for business use.

Time Saving Technologies

Help and Manual

If you need to create anything from step-by-step software instructions to complete software manuals, Help and Manual does a magnificent job of saving you time.

Having used various authoring and editing tools over the years, we have found that Help and Manual has the most efficient toolset for taking screenshots, inserting images into text, organizing topics, and producing PDF files, HTML web pages, and Help systems.

The Standard version is more than adequate for individual authors. Teams may want the Pro version. For a comparison of features, click here... Help and Manual is available from EC Software. Click here for more...


The key to a paperless or a less-paper office, the ScanSnap iX500 desktop scanner is good, fast and inexpensive. It includes Adobe Acrobat Standard X, which retails for $299. So the effective cost of scanner drops a lot. NewEgg has the ix500 for $419.99 as of 5/14/2016. Click for more...


Quality off-site transcription for attorneys and other professionals. We highly recommend this service as an efficient way to draft articles, posts, and documents of any kind. SpeakWrite


PhraseExpress organizes your frequently used phrases and allows pasting them into any application. I have tested it extensively with Time Matters, MS Word, MS Outlook and many, many other programs. It handles them all beautifully. I use PhraseExpress every day, all day long.

I can no longer imagine working on a computer without using a program like PhraseExpress. It saves so much typing. Whenever I type a long word or a phrase I expect I'll need to type again, I add it to PhraseExpress. The next time I need the phrase, I type an abbreviation. Instantly the phrase appears.

PhraseExpress received a positive review from Life Hacker:!5611210/how-to-use-text-expansion-to-save-yourself-hours-of-typing-every-day
The writer noted the PhraseExpress is free for personal use. After awhile, it will infer you are using it for business based on the words you type. But the program saves you so much time I don't think you will begrudge paying for it!

PhraseExpress can automatically expand abbreviations or insert phrases with hotkeys. It can correct typos as you type. Your common phrases can be arranged in sub-folders available via a pop-up menu in the task tray.

Use PhraseExpress as a superior replacement for Time Matters AutoTXT codes. Read more about using PhraseExpress with Time Matters and GoToMyPC here:
Click to

PhraseExpress even keeps track of how much time and money you save as you use it. By using your own abbreviations for names, phrases, clauses and entire paragraphs, you reduce the strain on your hands, wrists and arms. Plus you get the positive feeling from watching part of your work done for you automatically.

In addition, you can use PhraseExpress as a Windows Clipboard replacement, allowing you to retrieve any item in your history of text that you have copied or cut using Ctrl-C, Ctrl-X or the Copy and Paste buttons in any application. This feature really helps when you are revising documents and moving text around.

Purchase PhraseExpress here:

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