Cloud Practice Management Reviews

Download the Huge Feature and Pricing Comparison Spreadsheet

Updated September 2013

Download this Excel spreadsheet for a feature and cost comparison of Cloud Practice Management applications. And don't miss the additional information provided by the vendors, below.

Download Cloud Practice Management Comparison - cpm.xls - Format: MS Excel

The spreadsheet compares 91 features grouped into 12 categories for each of nine cloud applications. It goes beyond Yes/No feature charts by providing details on how the features are implemented by each vendor. The spreadsheet is the most comprehensive comparison of legal cloud practice management applications ever published.

Migrating to Cloud Practice Management

The Cloud Practice Management Comparison spreadsheet accompanies an article written by Wells Anderson and Ben Sanchez:

Migrating to Cloud Practice Management

This double-length article appears in the September/October 2013 issue of GPSolo Magazine published by the American Bar Association. It covers:

  • Pros and Cons of Cloud Practice Management
  • Main Features
  • Security
  • Backup and Downloading
  • Costs
  • Alternatives
  • Migrating to Cloud Practice Management

Vendors' Overviews Cloud Practice Management Applications

Each of the vendors of the Cloud Practice Management applications submitted additional descriptive material. Click any link to go to the vendor's overview. In reverse alphabetical order they are:

We are expanding our vendors' list and are updating our spreadsheet. Watch for our 2018 revised Cloud Practice Management Comparison.


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-- Wells Anderson


This spreadsheet and overviews are starting points for evaluating cloud practice management systems. They are necessarily incomplete because features are regularly added and modified in the cloud. We rely on the vendors to supply most of the information and cannot assure its accuracy. Any errors or omissions are unintentional. Visit each product's website for more information. Consider working with us here at Active Practice for assistance in choosing a service that will be best for you and your particular practice.