Time Matters Help and Support

Time Matters upgrades don't install themselves. Get more out of your software with support from Time Matters Consultant Wells Anderson, a Time Matters expert. Have a problem? Need to upgrade? Call or write me.  800.575.0007

Time Matters Costs for AMP, Upgrades, Added Users

As of January, 2017, prices have increased for renewals and new licenses.

Call us for a discount on upgrades for your old version 800-575-0007.

Time Matters Annual Maintenance Plan (AMP) Renewal Pricing
For customers with active Annual Maintenance Plan who want to renew


Time Matters Upgrade Pricing - New Version with 12 months AMP
Call us for discounts on upgrading your old version.

Lower prices apply for an existing customers who had an Annual Maintenance Plan within the last 2 years.

Please call for details. 800.575.0007

Time Matters - New Software Pricing

Includes one-year Annual Maintenance Plan subscription, with upgrades, updates, Technical Support

Additional Licenses Time Matters / Billing Matters

$543* - Time Matters Added User license + AMP cost prorated to renewal date

$890* - Time Matters with Billing Matters Added User license + AMP cost prorated to renewal date

*For customers with an AMP, additional users will be added to the plan with prorated pricing at approx. $18.50/user/mo. for Time Matters and approx. $27.50/user/mo. for Time Matters with Billing Matters

Please call 800.575.0007 or click here to send us an e-mail...

Prices are subject to change without notice and do not include sales taxes. Subject to all terms and conditions at http://www.lexisnexis.com/store/pms/