Updates to Time Matters


This page covers fixes and known issues for Time Matters. It updates our Time Matters Upgrade Guides. The guides are available for purchase: Click Here...

The guides are available on request at no charge to clients of Active Practice.

Updates for Time Matters


Important Update - March 21, 2019: Do not apply the upgrade to Time Matters Exchange Synchronization just yet. An issue with the new version is being addressed. I still recommend upgrading to Time Matters 16.4. It works with the previous Time Matters Exchange Synchronization program. Just hold off on the separate upgrade of the Exchange Sync.

March 19, 2019 I recommend upgrading to Time Matters 16.4. This release focuses on quality improvements. It delivers a number of enhancements and fixes. They include reworking the links to other software including Microsoft Word, WordPerfect X9, Acrobat DC and also an update of the Time Matters Exchange Synchronization.

For detailed information, see the Time Matters 16 page. Click here...

December 13, 2017 I recommend upgrading to the current release of Time Matters 16 for most clients. The problematic issues in earlier TM16 releases, particularly in the billing features, have been resolved for the most part.


Fixed Issues in Time Matters

Most firms can benefit by upgrading to Time Matters 16.2. It fixes important issues that were present in TM 15.0, 15.1, 16.0, 16.1 and the withdrawn earlier release of 16.2.

It also fixes a bug that prevented resizing the area occupied by ToDo records on the Daily and Work Week Calendar views.

Time Matters Remote Database Not Working in Time Matters 16.2

You can keep a synchronized copy of your Time Matters database on a laptop or other computer, but this feature is not working in Time Matters 16.2. Stay on Time Matters 16.1 to continue using a remote database.

Harmliess Installation Error Message in Time Matters 16.2

The above error message may appear when installing Time Matters 16.2. It appears to be harmless.

Timeslips 2017 Is Incompatible with Time Matters 16.2

Timeslips 2017 does not link to Time Matters 16.2. See below under Updates for Time Matters 16.1 for more details.

Fixed Issue - Resizing the ToDo area in Calendar views

Time Matters 16.2 allows you to change the position of the dividing line between ToDo's (if you've opted to show them) on the Daily and Work Week Calendar view.

Updates for Time Matters 16.1

Timeslips 2017 Is Incompatible with Time Matters 16

The Time Matters - Timeslips 2017 link does not work with Time Matters 16.0, 16.1 and 16.2. Both LexisNexis and Timeslips are working on fixing the link. It is not working in Timeslips 2017 build 388.

Vendor support from Sage for Timeslips 2016, which works with Time Matters 16, ends in August 2017 with the release of Timeslips 2018. You may want to consider switching to Billing Matters from Timeslips for timekeeping and billing. Billing Matters Annual Maintenance is less expensive than Timeslips, but the one-time conversion will cost some money.

Billing Record Rounding Issues in Time Matters 16.0

Please see our detailed blog post on these issues: Click Here...

Updates for Time Matters 15.1

Before Upgrading from Time Matters 14 or earlier

  • If you are using Billing Matters timekeeping, A/R and invoicing, you'll be fine. If you are using the Accounting features of Billing Matters (formerly know as Billing Matters Plus), you will lose access to the accounting features. See the instructions.
  • Back up your Time Matters database Copy the backup file to a different drive for safekeeping. You cannot undo the upgrade without a backup.
  • Check you computer's RAM and processor numbers
  • We recommend 4 GB or more RAM and 2.2 GHz or higher processor.
  • Open Windows Explorer (the yellow folder icon or WinKey + E).
  • Right-click on Computer or This PC.
  • Click on Properties. Check the Installed Memory (RAM) and Processor numbers
  • Check to see if Time Matters 10 is still installed. If it is, watch out! Read the upgrade instructions carefully.

Upgrading from Time Matters 13 or earlier

The Calendar views changed significantly in Time Matters 14. Be prepared to learn your way around the new Calendar, which looks and works much like the Outlook calendar.

Time Matters 15.1 New Features and Fixes

For a list of new features and fixes in Time Matters 15.1, see: "New Post - Time Matters 15.1":/1234tips/time-matters-151-arriving-april-18.html

Time Matters 15 Released with Important Fixes

Time Matters 15 fixes important problems with e-mail messages in Time Matters 15 and other issues.

For detailed information on Time Matters 15, see our Time Matters 15 page here:
Time Matters 15

Tips for Time Matters 15

Tip: Message during installation on Windows 10 computer

The Time Matters installer (setupe.exe) installs several Microsoft components. During this process, it may ask several times if you want to install .NET 2.0. You may click Yes to this prompt.

InstallShield ... optionally install .NET 2.0? [YES] [NO]

The installer may silently stop each time it installs one of the Microsoft components. Right-click again on setupe.exe and click Run As Administrator each time that happens.