Time Matters 16


Limited Recommendation: Upgrade to TM

Aug. 1, 2017 - We recommend Time Matters, a Hotfix released today, for most firms. For our detailed discussion of benefits and issues, see our Time Matters Upgrade Guide and our Updates to Time Matters.

The main limitations now are:

  1. The link to Timeslips 2017 does not work.
  2. The link to QuickBooks does not work.
  3. Sending records (Events, ToDo's, Emails, ...) without previewing each one ignores the rounding setting, for example, round up to the nearest 0.10 hour.

If you do not need the Timeslips 2017 link and do not need the Quickbooks link, then Time Matters 16.2 is likely a good upgrade for your firm.

What Can Time Matters 16 Do for You?

What are your most likely reasons for upgrading Time Matters?

  1. You are upgrading Microsoft software (Windows, Word, Outlook...), or
  2. You want new fixes and features in the newest version of Time Matters.

If you skipped some earlier upgrades, Time Matters 16.1 delivers all the new features, tweaks and fixes from earlier versions. See our guides to those upgrades for the details on their benefits. You can purchase them at our store:
Time Matters Guides
Our clients are entitled to free upgrade guides.

New Features Added in Time Matters 16.1

Time Matters 16.1 adds:

  • Automatically save changes to records every few minutes
  • Set a Program Level setting so that any record you are changing will be automatically saved every few minutes.
    • You choose the number of minutes.
    • You need to save a new record once.
    • After that, it will be auto-saved.
    • A best practice is to manually save any new record, especially Notes, before you spend much time adding text or data to it.
  • Mark multiple records Done or Not Done
  • Tag multiple ToDo's. Go to the Process Menu and choose Mark as Done or Mark as Not Done
  • Speed Improvements
    • 25% faster Document Searching
    • 25% faster Record Searching
  • Support for Third Party Programs
    • Intuit® QuickBooks® 2017: supported
    • Timeslips Premium and 2017: supported
    • Microsoft® Windows Server 2016: supported

New Features Added in Time Matters 16.0

The original release of Time Matters 16 added the following features.

  • Microsoft Active Directory Integration
    • If your company uses Active Directory, you can create a link between Time Matters and Active Directory that permits users to use one set of credentials to access Windows and Time Matters. Each Time Matters user can be mapped to an Active Directory account.
    • Caveat:  There were problems with this integration in Time Matters 16.0, but it is reported as "improved" in Time Matters 16.1.
    • For more information, see Microsoft Active Directory Integration.https://lexisnexis.custhelp.com/app/answers/answer_view/a_id/
  • Calendar Detail View
    • Display details for Events and ToDos together for multiple staff for a single day using the Detail View button.
    • This feature duplicates the Classic View, for one day, that was available in Time Matters 13 and earlier.
  • Microsoft OneDrive Default File Location
  • Link Time Matters files to Microsoft OneDrive for storage and retrieval.
  • Monthly and Weekly Calendar View Update
    • When multiple entries are added to a date that exceed the date's list space, a new fly out window has been added to display all the records for Events and/or ToDo's for a given day without the need to switch to the Daily Calendar view.
  • Support for SQL 2016
    • The free and paid versions of this release are now supported.

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