Time Matters Pricing

Time Matters Upgrades

Time Matters upgrades and customization are our specialties. Get more out of your software with support from Time Matters Consultant Wells Anderson, a Time Matters expert. Have a problem? Need to upgrade? Call 800.575.0007 or write me.

Time Matters Pricing for Renewals, Added Users and New Software

Call us for a free bonus with every new version of Time Matters when you buy through us: 800-575-0007.

New versions of Time Matters / Billing Matters - free with your AMP - include updates to links with MS Word, Outlook, Acrobat and MS Windows compatibility. An online training course gives your new hires an orientation to Time Matters.

Renewals - Time Matters Pricing - Per Year

Time Matters Annual Maintenance Plan (AMP) Renewal Pricing
For existing customers with active Annual Maintenance Plan who want to renew


Renewal after Expiration - Time Matters Pricing

Time Matters Expired AMP Renewal Pricing
For existing customers whose Annual Maintenance plan has expired
Get 12 months of AMP unlimited telephone LexisNexis Tech Support and Time Matters upgrades.

Call or write us for significant discounts! 800-575-0007 or Click here


Added Licenses - Time Matters Pricing

Additional Licenses Time Matters / Billing Matters
For existing customers who want to add one or more users.
$ 657* - Time Matters Added User license + AMP cost prorated to renewal date
$1076* - Time Matters with Billing Matters Added User license + AMP cost prorated to renewal date

New Software - Time Matters Pricing

Time Matters New License Pricing - New Version with 12 months AMP
For new customers who want to buy Time Matters or Time Matters + Billing Matters


Free Bonus - Illustrated Upgrade Guides

When you purchase your Time Matters / Billing Matters software or AMP through us, get a 60+ page upgrade guide for each new version.

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* Prices effective 1/1/2019 and are subject to change without notice and are not guaranteed. Call us for discounts on renewals.