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 Recommendation: Upgrade to Time Matters 15

What Can Time Matters 15 Do for You?

Conversion to Version 15 - Our 65-page guide to upgrading Time Matters

Time Matters 15 Fixed Issues

Time Matters 15 Known Issues

Time Matters 15 Pricing

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Time Matters 15 Updates - Late-breaking tips and news - updated 12/14/2016

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Recommendation: Upgrade to Time Matters 15

By Wells H. Anderson, J.D. - Time Matters Advanced Certified Partner

I recommend that most Time Matters users upgrade to Time Matters 15 now.

Key Reasons to Upgrade Now

  1. You want to use links to Time Matters in newer versions of MS Word, MS Outlook and other programs.

  2. You want to benefit from TM15’s more consistent, stable links to Word, Outlook and other programs.

  3. You want to have the latest, most stable version of Time Matters. Version 15 has a new application platform introduced in TM14. The platform improves stability and lays the foundation for stable future enhancements.

  4. Version 15 includes LexisNexis Gateway, an interface to third-party apps that make you more profitable and efficient.

  5. You want to avoid annoyances that exist in earlier versions and have been fixed in Time Matters 15.

  6. Your version of Time Matters is no longer supported or will lose support soon and you want to have LexisNexis Technical Support available in case you run into problems.

  7. You don't have to pay more for the TM15 license since it is included in the Annual Maintenance Plan you've paid for already.

For assistance with your upgrade, call us at 800.575.0007 or Send an e-mail...

What Can Time Matters 15 Do for You?

Support for Windows 10 and Office 2016

As you replace older computers, the new ones will likely have Windows 10 installed. To keep using the TM Save links in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook 2016, you will need Time Matters 15.

Increased Profits with LexisNexis Gateway

LexisNexis Gateway connects to a growing collection of products offered by LexisNexis partners. It expands the capabilities of time and matter management, integrating Time Matters with these other products. Currently it is available for customers using Billing Matters or Time Matters Basic Billing. In 2016, expect increasing numbers of integrations and capabilities.

Chrometa offers a service that captures your time for you as you work and sends your time records to Time Matters using the LexisNexis Gateway. Chrometa runs on your PC, Mac, iPhone, and Android. It starts and stops timers for you.

It's like having your very own personal timekeeper. Every email you write, every minute you work gets recorded and "automatically" put on your timesheet. The $19 per month subscription for Chrometa pays for itself many times over. It does that by capturing billable time that otherwise would be lost.

Large Font Option

In Time Matters 15, each user may opt to use a larger font in most Time Matters lists and forms. That option can make for easier viewing on high resolution screens.

To use the large font option, go to: Time Matters Main Menu | User Level Setup | General tab. For the default font size, select: Large

Note: On some computers, selecting the Large font size will cause an unacceptable slowdown of 15 seconds or more in opening records. If that happens, change the default font option back to Regular.
Other settings can override the new default font size option. For example, the Memo field on various records may be customized separately. Right-click in the Memo, choose Customize Area and click on Set Font. Note: This setting will affect all Time Matters users in your office.

Calendar Appearance and Features

Introduced in Time Matters 14, the new Calendar incorporates a number of improvements. If you are upgrading from Time Matters 13 or earlier, you will notice a big difference in the appearance of the Calendar. We really like how it works and expect you will too once you become familiar with its advantages and learn a few tips.

Watch for upcoming how-to posts on our website about the new Calendar at:
1234Tips - Time Matters Blog

Technology Platform Upgrade

Time Matters 15 incorporates a new platform that debuted in Time Matters 14. This "under the hood" change and gives the programmers new capabilities and tools. It includes better support for the use of HTML (for example, in e-mails and Power Views) and PDF functions.

Expect new features, improvements and innovations in future releases of Time Matters based on the Technology Platform Upgrade.

In-Place Database Upgrade

Time Matters 15 extends "in-place database upgrades" to customers currently on any version from 11 through 14. In-place database upgrades save on time and consulting fees.

An in-place database upgrade saves time by reusing the existing database instead of requiring the creation of a new SQL Server database. It avoids importing all the records from an old database into the new one.

TM15 can reuse your existing Version 11, 12, 13 or 14 database, but not earlier Time Matters databases. Conversion from versions earlier versions follows the old upgrade approach that requires creation of a new database an importation of records from the old one.

Upgrades will continue to install new software files and require installation on the server and on each PC.

Future upgrades will also be in-place, reusing the database, icons and folders in the Shared Files Directory. The program name of icons and the SQL database will stay the same instead of including the version number.

All of this translates to less downtime for you and reduced consulting fees when you employ a consultant for your upgrades.

Conversion to Version 15

For information on our 65-page guide to upgrading Time Matters, click here...

The guide contains new information, advice, and updated step-by-step instructions on preparing for the upgrade and installing Time Matters 15. It includes screenshots for key installation aspects, setting up Secure Document Sharing, Scheduled Time Matters Backups, and more.

Time Matters 15 Fixed Issues

Eliminated Conflicts with Other Programs due to DDE

Time Matters no longer uses DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) so a number of conflicts with other programs have been resolved. The Time Matters Timer no longer causes Time Matters freezes resulting from DDE conflicts.

Creating PDF Documents

Time Matters no longer prompts for a file location when creating a PDF file from the Document list.

Email Preview and Printing

Emails now preview and print correctly when printing an email from the Email sublist using the Standard Email format.

Email Save as Document

Saving an email from Outlook as a Document now properly saves the email file into the correct folder and includes the .MSG file extension in the file path.

Note: Saving an Outlook Email as a Document is an alternative to saving it as a Time Matters Email. When you have Time Matters document management enabled, saving an Outlook Email as a document put it into a folder for the Matter you select. The Email appears as an .msg file on the Documents tab of the Matter.

Advantages of saving Outlook Emails as documents include preserving the Internet header, which may be important for evidentiary reasons, and saving all of the formatting of the original Email.

Email Multiple Attachment Saving

When saving multiple email attachments to Time Matters, the Autonaming feature is now available during the Document form preview.

Email Plain Text Format

When composing plain text Emails in Time Matters, you no longer need to have the option set the option, Show HTML on Email Form, set to Always in order to see the text of the Email.

Exchange Synchronization of Contact First and Last Names

When the Contact first and last name fields are updated in Time Matters, the “Display As” and “Display Name” values for the Contact card and address book in Outlook are correctly updated during the Exchange synchronization.

Outlook Freezing

Saving an email to Time Matters sometimes caused Outlook to freeze. That issue has been addressed.

Outlook Synchronization Speed

TM13.2 slowed down in the process for manually synchronizing Time Matters with MS Outlook by a factor of five. That issue is fixed in later versions.

For many versions Time Matters has supported a manual sync with MS Outlook. Each time you want to update Contacts, Events and/or ToDo's from Time Matters to MS Outlook, you go to Main Menu | File | Synchronize | Outlook and complete the process.

PCLaw Link

Staff information is no longer removed from the Time Matters Contact when the PCLaw Client is updated from Time Matters.

Updates to the client or alternate address on the Matter PCLaw tab no longer overwrite the data for the second matter billing address in PCLaw.

Printing Notes

Clicking the Print button from a Notes form now displays the Report Specifications screen before printing and prints both the header and memo information.

Report Viewing

Typing in a page number in the Report Preview GoTo field now displays that page number.

Strikethrough for Done Events and ToDo's

Events and ToDo's with a long memo now display in strikethrough text in all calendar views when marked "Done."

Timeline View

The adjusted column widths for the Timeline sublist are now retained when the contact or matter record is closed and the Timeline sublist now stays on the selected record when that record is opened and saved.

Billing Record Rounding in Timesheet and Quick Item Entry

Timesheet and Quick Item Entry now round up time entries according to the billing preferences of each matter.

Billing Timer Issue Fixed

In TM13 there was a problem with saving a Billing Record and then opening it later to add more time. Pressing the Billing Timer button started the timer over at zero hours. It erased the time amount recorded earlier. That issue has been fixed in later versions of Time Matters.

Entering Payments and Transactions Uses Default Account

An error during Transaction creation asking the user to select an account when the account has already been selected no longer appears.

Phase Codes in Timesheet

Phase codes can now be entered when creating a time entry from the Timesheet.

Trigger for Billing Form

A Billing form is now properly created with the specified Auto Entry form when the Billing form is initiated from a Trigger.

Time Matters 15 Known Issues

TM15, 15.1 and 15.1.1 Fails to Apply the Rounding Rule

If you send multiple records (such as Events) to Billing, Time Matters / Billing Matters fails to apply the Rounding Rule for the corresponding matter. That will cost you money and show unrounded hours and time amounts in invoices if you don't catch the errors before invoicing the Billing records.

Gibberish Characters in Power Views

See the following post for a description of the issue and for the fix I developed that eliminates it:
Time Matters Power View Fix

Pop-Up for Unchanged Note Records

When exiting a Note record that has not been changed, Time Matters 15.1.1 pops up a Save Changes messages. This post discusses the issue. More...

LexisNexis Known Issues List

LexisNexis has published an extensive list of Known Issues. So that you will not have to trudge through the long list, we have created a selective list of issues here.

We don't see these issues as show-stoppers; many are obscure and others are minor annoyances.

Converting from Older Versions of Time Matters

Though Time Matters 15 typically installs much faster than earlier versions, some customers have needed to go through multiple upgrades, for example, from 13 to 14 and then to 15, because a direct upgrade to Time Matters 15 failed.

Search All Records on Toolbar

The Search All Record (aka Search Entry) field, when added to the Main Toolbar, freezes Time Matters. Work-Around: Time Matters Main Menu | Search | Global Search | Next | Next | (enter your search term).

Problem with Required TM Save Option in MS Word

Recommendation: Don't use this option.

A TM Save option in MS Word allows you to require use of the TM Save feature in MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint. When the option is selected in Workstation Level Setup | External Program Setup, pressing the MS Word Save button or Ctrl-S brings up a TM Save window.

Unfortunately, due to a limitation in MS Word, resaving a Word document after making changes to it also brings up a TM Save window. This window presents the user with options that are confusing in that context. We recommend not using the Required TM Save option due to this confusion.

If you want to force the use of the TM Save feature for saving all Word documents, your users will need to learn to choose the third option, Edit the Existing Document Record, each time they press the Save icon or press Control-S. The three options that appear are:

  1. Create a New Version

  2. Create a New Document Record

  3. Edit the Existing Document Record

The first choice requires using the Time Matters Version system, which is excellent if you understand it and want to use it. But it can take some getting used to.

The second choice adds a new document and TM Document Record - not what you want when simply pressing Save.

The third choice is the only one that allows you to save the original document, but it pops up the Document Record, requires that you press Save & Close, and closes the document!

Secure Document Sharing with WatchDox

Some issues arose in December 2015 with the Secure Document Sharing feature powered by WatchDox. At one point PDF documents could be shared but other file types could not be shared. Check with LexisNexis for the status of Time Matters Secure Document Sharing before relying on this feature.

MS Word Automatic Update Issue

An update to Click-to-Run (CTR) versions of Microsoft Office on September 8, 2015, broke the links from MS Word to Time Matters (TM Save, TM Insider). The workaround is to downgrade to a previous version of Office CTR via the steps given here:

How to downgrade Microsoft Office

Configuration File Not Found - Error Message

In some situations, running the setupe.exe installer causes an error message: "Configuration File Note Found." You can fix this issue by deleting the following folder, where USERNAME is the name of the Windows user of the computer:

C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\ProgramData\LexisNexis\Time Matters

In / Out List - Not Working

Time Matters has a handy In/Out List for keeping track of who is out of the office and when they are expected to return. To keep the system up-to-date there are options to prompt users when they open or close Time Matters or automatically mark them In after opening and Out after closing Time Matters.

Unfortunately, this feature stopped working in Time Matters 15. Return times cannot be set or changed and Return Date can only be set for day after Today.

Time Matters 15 Pricing

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Step-by-Step Guides for Time Matters

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Time Matters 15 Updates

Time Matters 15 Updates - Late-breaking tips and news - More...