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Amicus Cloud participated in the creation of our Cloud Practice Management Comparison spreadsheet. Detailed information about Amicus Cloud features is available in the spreadsheet. Each vendor participating in our review of cloud practice management applications submitted additional material about their service. Here is the material from Amicus Cloud.

Amicus Cloud

At Amicus Attorney we simply approach practice management differently. Our service starts with the lawyer and the work they do each day. This natural workflow makes things easier and faster. Amicus is more than just a tool: it’s a friendly assistant that helps you with your practice.

Amicus is designed to blend with and increase the effectiveness of the tools you already use -- which is a big improvement over products that ask you to do everything their way. For example, email plays a vital role in your practice. So Amicus provides complete email integration. Not only can you use it to send and receive all your email, but any email you send or receive in any other application (e.g. Outlook) is automatically in Amicus. No sync, no awkward extra steps. The same thing applies to things like your calendar, contacts and tasks -- you can use Amicus for all these, or you can use Outlook, Mac applications, tablet or smartphone apps -- whatever you like, whenever you like. Amicus integrates with all of them, so you get the benefits of practice management plus freedom to work the way you want to.

Check-lists of features can be misleading. For you to benefit, a feature has to have the depth and reliability you need. For example, every lawyer knows the importance of doing good conflict-of-interest searches before taking on a new matter. So Amicus excels at this. Not only does it search all your clients and matters, its conflict search checks everything in your firm’s practice, including all your emails and documents -- even those not associated with a file.

Amicus flexibly adapts to your practice. For example, it includes a world class billing engine, but if you have already invested in a billing and accounting package such as TimeSlips or QuickBooks, don’t worry, we’ll simply link to it so we don’t interrupt your current business process.

Amicus Cloud was designed so you can do more, bill more, and go home early with the peace of mind that your practice is under control.

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