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HoudiniEsq by LogicBit Software participated in the creation of our Cloud Practice Management Comparison spreadsheet. Detailed information about houdiniesq features is available in the spreadsheet. Each vendor participating in our review of cloud practice management applications submitted additional material about their service. Here is the material from houdiniesq.


Manage clients, matters, email, documents, task, todos, notes, time, invoices, fees, expenses, trust, staff, all correspondance and workflow.

Integrates with Outlook, Word, Excel, Evernote, QuickBooks, Google Calendar, Google Drive, CalendarRules.com, SoftFile.com, and the US Postal Service. Customize tables, forms, and fields. Eliminate repetitive error prone task while improving staff productivity with our exclusive Workflow Automation features.

Send emails with invoices, documents attached from HoudiniEsq directly. Automation of email communication via Workflow Automation features. Email templates are supported. Auto linking to matters are also supported as is the auto billing of email composition and reading.

Email and attachments are auto full text indexed. Email can be auto billed. Fully integrated with Outlook but product has its own email client for those who do not wish to use Outlook or on the Mac operating system.

HoudiniEsq is a web-based product that can be installed locally (on premise) or you can sign up for a on-line account (Cloud). Both options only required a web browser. The only difference is where your data will be stored. Your own computer, or ours.

HoudiniEsq on-premise/private-cloud is available free of charge for solo practitioners.

Improve productivity, expand your practice geographically, provide better service, start building your practice today.

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