Contact and Matter Code Reports

Here is a collection of 4 reports that group Contacts or Matters by Classification Code. These reports are useful for several purposes:

  1. Performing Year-End or periodic reviews of new Matter counts in various practice areas.
  2. Performing Year-End or periodic reviews of the volume of new Clients. 
  3. Identifying Classification Codes that are seldom used and should be eliminated.

Use the following links to download these reports:

For Time Matters 9.0:

For Time Matters 10.0:

These reports are distributed in a Feature Package that may be imported into Time Matters. To import the Feature Package:

  1. Backup your Time Matters database:  Main Menu | File | Backup Time Matters Data.
  2. Download the correct Feature Package for your version of Time Matters.
  3. Save it on your desktop or in a Downloads folder.
  4. In Time Matters, go to:  Main Menu | File | Utilities | Package Features.
  5. Click Import.
  6. Select the downloaded file.
  7. Proceed through the wizard clicking Next, Next....

Caution:  Please backup your Time Matters database before importing these reports. Try the reports promptly after importing them and check your database for proper functioning. If you encounter any issues, restore your database from the backup.