Time Matters 12

Time Matters 12 Issues

For known issues in Time Matters 12, see:
TM12 Issues

Note: If you have MS Word 2003 users who need to use the TM Save Button to save Word documents, you need to upgrade to Word 2010 or 2013 before upgrading to Service Pack 2 of Time Matters 12.

See our detailed article on TM12 SP2, MS Word and Windows 7: More...

TM12 SP2 - Summary of New Features

Time Matters 12 SP2 now supports:

  • Microsoft® Windows 8
  • Microsoft® Office 2010 64-bit
  • Microsoft Office 2013
  • Synchronization with Microsoft® Exchange 2013
  • Intuit® QuickBooks® 2013
  • Adobe® Acrobat XI and Adobe Reader XI

New Features in Time Matters 12

Time Matters for MS Outlook

Take a look at the panel on the right. That is Time Matters for MS Outlook, a Time Matters 12 Outlook add-in that gives you quick access to relevant Time Matters information from inside MS Outlook.

This new Time Matters panel in MS Outlook shows you when an Email is from someone in your Time Matters database. You see how many Contacts and Matters are related to the Email senders and recipients.

In addition, you can perform a full text search through Contacts and Matters in Time Matters right from the Search button in Time Matters for MS Outlook.

For more details, see our article: Time Matters for MS Outlook

Note: Time Matters for MS Outlook was introduced earlier as a Preview Release. If you do not want to wait for the official release in Time Matters 12, you may download and install the Preview Release if you meet its requirements. For the link to the download and documentation, see: Time Matters for MS Outlook

Time Entry Advisor

Find more billable time!

New in Time Matters 12 is the Time Entry Advisor. Use this feature when it is time to send out invoices. Or use it every week or every day to make sure you haven't overlooked entering some billable time records.

Time Entry Advisor combs through the records in Time Matters looking for ones that have not been billed.

To maximize your billings and get paid for all the work you do, you can create time records directly from other records within Time Matters. If you forget to enter time for some records, Time Entry Advisor can find them and help you bill the time.

TM Save in MS Word

Do you or others in your office forget to save documents to Time Matters using the TM Save button in MS Word. A new feature in Time Matters 12 lets you replace the Save function in MS Word 2007 or 2010 with the TM Save function.

New Outlook Button: Connect as Document

Time Matters 12 allows you to save an Outlook Email as a document using the new Connect as Document button. Unfortunately, as released the feature saves documents to the Time Matters Shared File Directory rather than to the appropriate client and matter folders. This issue should be corrected in Service Pack 2 expected in July 2013.

Time Matters 12 continues to support Connect as Email, a button that lets you save one or more Outlook Emails onto the Email tabs of Client and Matter records.

More Tweaks and Fixes

The fit and finish of Time Matters 12 has received a thorough inspection and tweaking in Time Matters 12. Scores of small items have been addressed, improved or fixed.

How to Get Time Matters 12

If your Time Matters Annual Maintenance Plan (AMP) is current, Time Matters 12 is free. Otherwise, contact us or your LexisNexis CIC for the best pricing to get you on the AMP for Time Matters. You will receive Time Matters 12 typically within one business day.

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