ABA TECHSHOW 2013 Materials

Office 365 - The Lawyer's Preview

By Catherine Sanders Reach & Wells H. Anderson

Microsoft Office 365 delivers much more than Microsoft Office cloud apps and online file storage. It ushers in new approaches in multiple areas:

  • Collaboration and file sharing via team websites
  • Email and communications hosted in the cloud
  • Lightweight, friendly cloud apps for Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more
  • New subscription pricing for Office 365 bundled with Office 2013 software

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Never Type It Twice

Links and Syncs between Apps on Desktop and in the Cloud

By Wells H. Anderson and James Calloway

Links and syncs (synchronizations) between applications reduce retyping, avoid redundant data entry and deliver a variety of other benefits.

In our presentation and in these pages, we cover the concepts, advantages and drawbacks of links and syncs between software programs. We highlight a variety of desktop (premise-based) computer programs and cloud-based applications.

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