Ziptr Secure Email and File Sharing Service Closes

Ziptr Service Ends Operations

There still is no widely adopted service for easily sharing encrypted Email messages and file attachments. Ziptr offered a fine, deep feature set in its free version. But Ziptr failed to achieve the widespread adoption necessary to succeed. They closed as of Sep. 27, 2013.

I had recommended using Ziptr to exchange messages and files securely and confidentially with clients. I am sorry to see them close.

Let's hope that another brilliant team can fare better than the dedicated, bright people of Ziptr.

Problems with File Sharing Services

The big problems with available file sharing services are:

  • They are not compatible with each other.
  • Users who work with multiple providers (attorney, accountants, etc.) must have multiple usernames, passwords, website addresses and interfaces.
  • Users' files and versions of files are stored in a confusing number of places.

I am most impressed with It has a large number of users and integrates with many cloud practice management services and other cloud services. Just yesterday I saw that was an optional file source for printing publications and documents at a Fedex/Kinko copier station.

Though not positioned primarily as a secure channel for communicating and exchanging files, services like can perform those functions.

DropBox has experience two major security breaches in the past, so I am not yet enthusiastic about DropBox for the secure exchange of files.

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-- Wells Anderson