Heads Up - Do Not Install Office 2013 64-Bit

When installing MS Office, install the 32-bit version (the default). Do not install Office 2013 64-bit.

We recommend that you use the 64-bit versions Windows 7 and higher, but stay away from 64-bit versions of MS Office. (Of course, you need a 64-bit computer for 64-bit Windows, but 64-bit PCss have been commonplace for years now.)

When installing MS Office, the default option is to install the 32-bit version. Don't choose the option to install the 64-bit version just because you have a shiny new 64-bit computer and 64-bit MS Windows.

Why not? The 64-bit versions of MS Office 2013 and earlier have problems with add-ins in general and the Time Matters add-ins specifically.

For more information on issues with MS Office 64-bit, see this page published by MIT:

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