Windows 10 Screen Resolution Changer

Your main computer probably has a larger monitor or multiple monitors. Accessing it remotely with a service like GoToMyPC using a laptop, let alone a tablet or phone, may be difficult. You have to squint or scroll a lot or both. You may be able to work much more efficiently by temporarily decreasing the screen resolution of your main computer (make everything appear larger).

The default settings in Windows 10 make it time-consuming to change the screen resolution that determines the size of text and objects on your screen. There are times when changing your screen resolution makes using your computer much easier. This post explains how you can quickly change from one resolution to another.

You can change to the Windows 10 Registry to add the Screen Resolution option to the Right-click menu that pops up when you right-click on the Windows 10 desktop.

Here is where you download the registry file you'll need:

In the above webpage, find the DOWNLOAD icon that appears below this text: Add_Screen_resolution_to_Desktop_context_menu.reg

Typically a downloaded file is saved to the Downloads folder on you local hard drive. But if the file is saved to a network drive, you will need to copy it to a local drive before you run it.

Heads Up: Changing your Windows Registry can potentially cause problems. The best practice is to make sure your computer is backed up before making registry changes.

To apply the change, just double-click the downloaded .reg file. You will receive a number of scary warnings, since bad .reg files can do damage to Windows. I have tested this one. Your mileage may vary, but I doubt it will.

Once you have successfully run (double-clicked) the .reg file, the Screen resolution option will be immediately available when you right-click the Windows 10 desktop. With three more clicks, you can select and confirm a different resolution. The lower the numbers, the larger the objects on your screen.

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