Time Matters 15.1 Arriving April 18

We expect Time Matters 15.1 to start rolling out to customers on April 18, 2016. As with other update, TM15.1 should be available as an option when opening Time Matters 15.

If you are on Time Matters 14 or older, this may be just the release you've been waiting for!

This new point release for Time Matters 15 will deliver links to new versions of third party programs and fixes to many known issues. An active Annual Maintenance Plan is required to receive the update.

If you are the cautious sort, watch for my announcement here and on our Homepage. I will let you know when I've tested the new TM 15.1 update and whether I've found problems with it.

What to Expect in Time Matters 15.1

Links to:

  • QuickBooks 2016
  • Adobe Acrobat DC
  • WorldDox GX4
  • PCLaw 15.x

Support for:

  • Microsoft Office 2013 CTR (Click to Run)
  • Saving Documents to Microsoft OneDrive
  • Speed up slow-opening Time Matters Inbox with Inbox Cleanup Utility

Issue fixes so that:

  • Calendar start time can be set and stays where set
  • Recurring Events are more visible
  • Chain Template records can be archived
  • Enter Staff on Add works in Form Styles
  • Send to Time Matters honors required fields
  • Email address is preserved when an email is connected (TM Saved) from Outlook
  • Remote Time Matters database won't display an error when opened
  • Timeline Tab shows records properly
  • Staff and Code are saved when creating Triggers
  • Plus many more...

Questions about Time Matters? Send me an e-mail... or call 800.575.0007
-- Wells H. Anderson, J.D., Advanced Certified Consultant