Time Matters 11 Coming Q1-2011

Update on Time Matters v11 - 3/30/2011

Released On Time: March 30, 2011

New Features in Time Matters v11:

  • Time Matters Mobility - Place phone calls to Contacts, look-up Matter information, send e-mails, bill your time, and (later) check your Calendar via a live, secure connection from your mobile phone to your Time Matters database.
  • Improved Time Matters, PCLaw and Juris integration
  • Support for Microsoft Terminal Server
  • Support for the latest third-party programs, including MS Word 2010, Acrobat X, WordPerfect X5, and more
  • Many minor enhancements and fixes

How to Get Time Matters Mobility

To get Time Matters Mobility on your mobile phone, iPad, or other device, you need Time Matters v11 and an active Annual Maintenance Plan (AMP). Time Matters 11.0 is included as a benefit of your AMP. So long as your AMP is active in March 2011, you receive Version 11 and Time Matters Mobility at no extra charge.

Free Guide - Conversion to Version 11

If you do not have an active AMP, please consider purchasing or renewing by contacting us at 800.575.0007 or click here to send us an e-mail...

You receive our comprehensive guide, Conversion to Version 11, for free when you order your AMP through us. Normally the cost is $48.00 and is the most popular guide we sell. When you buy through us, you receive same AMP pricing and discounts offered by LexisNexis and you receive all the AMP benefits directly from LexisNexis.

Security of Time Matters Mobility

I am especially impressed with the security technology that protects your Time Matters information when you use Time Matters Mobility. None of your data about contacts, calendar, cases and billing is stored outside your main Time Matters database.

You have live, two-way access to information in Time Matters through doubly encrypted streaming data. Your information is encrypted as it leaves your main database. Then it travels through a secure, encrypted tunnel across the Internet to your mobile phone or device.

You don't have to open up any new ports in your firewall or go through a complicated setup process to activate Time Matters Mobility. Your username(s) and password(s) are stored safely in your Time Matters database. No one else has them. To access information via Time Matters Mobility, the user must login with a valid username and password.

Original Post on Time Matters 11.0 - 9/16/2010

At the LexisNexis Practice Management Annual Client Conference on September 15, LexisNexis announced that Time Matters 11 is expected to ship in the first quarter of 2011. In addition, PCLaw 11 is expected in the second quarter of 2011.

Mobility for Time Matters

The big new feature in Time Matters 11 will be Mobility. Customers on an active Annual Maintenance Plan will be able to access and enter Time Matters information on any mobile phone with a Web browser.

Security will be a strong feature of Mobility. End-to-end strong encryption will protect your information as it passes between your mobile phone and your Time Matters database. Neither LexisNexis nor anyone else will have the ability to access your valuable information through the Internet.

I believe the capability to enter Billing Records will make Mobility especially valuable. It is all too easy to forget to record time for phone calls and e-mails that you handle with your phone away from the office.

No monthly fee, nor any other fee beyond your normal Annual Maintenance Plan subscription, will be charged for Time Matters Mobility. And because the amount of data passed back and forth is very small when using Mobility on a phone, you won't push the limits of even a limited mobile phone data plan.

An early Beta testing program will begin later this year. Additional details on this new Time Matters feature are not available.

Time Matters - PCLaw Link Improvements

The Time Matters 11 developers are focusing efforts on rewriting the link between Time Matters and PCLaw so that the two programs can save you time by working smoothly together.

Currently I advise against linking Time Matters and PCLaw. Unfortunately, there are problems that make the link troublesome. LexisNexis has received the message loud and clear that this link needs serious improvements. It is a top priority for Time Matters 11.

Time Matters 11 Included with Your AMP

Keep your Annual Maintenance Plan (AMP) in force in order to receive Time Matters 11 at no extra charge. You must have or buy an AMP to upgrade to Version 11. You cannot buy the upgrade separately. Also, you save money if you keep your AMP continuously in force.

Free Guide - Conversion to Version 11

If you purchase or renew your AMP through our company, Active Practice, we will send you a detailed guide, Conversion to Version 11, at no charge after it is released.

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