Outlook 2010 Time Matters Options

Where to Set Time Matters Options in Outlook 2010

Start at the File menu in Outlook 2010. Choose Options.

Select Add-Ins

  1. Click on LexisNexis Practice Management Integration.
  2. Next click on Add-in Options...

The Time Matters Options window appears.

What the Time Matters Options Do in Outlook 2010

Show regarding information lets you see which Outlook e-mails have been saved to (connected to) Time Matters.

Position on lists For an e-mail selected on the Outlook E-mail List, this option shows the corresponding Contact and Matter information if the e-mail has been saved to Time Matters.

Position on forms This option shows Contact and Matter information on an e-mail you have open after that e-mail has been saved to Time Matters.

Prompt to Connect when Sending an Email pops up a Time Matters Email form after you send an e-mail out of Outlook 2010. You can just press Cancel if you don't need to save a copy in Time Matters. But if you need to, this form is an excellent reminder.

The Move to option helps keep your Outlook 2010 Inbox organized by moving the Outlook copy of an e-mail into an Outlook folder of your choice.