Smartphones and Time Matters - Update

Synchronizing Time Matters & Smartphones

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MobileTM offered by OTB Consulting - Supported by Steve Stockstill at Data Equity -

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Summary of Webinar - January 2010

We delve into your options for synchronizing Time Matters information with your smartphone and laptop, covering the pros and cons of various devices and solutions.

  • Why Bother with Synchronization? Examples of real-world uses.
  • Smartphones:  iPod, Droid, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile
  • Connections:  Wired sync, Over-the-air sync, MobileTM
  • Laptops and Home PCs:  GoToMyPC, synchronization, replication

Droid Synchronization

A popular option is to sync Time Matters with MS Exchange and sync MS Exchange with the Droid. The Time Matters Exchange Synchronization software is free and included with Time Matters. You need either a Microsoft server running MS Exchange or a hosted Exchange account. They cost $10 to $12 per month  per e-mail address.

I am looking into other options for syncing the Droid with Time Matters. One approach without MS Exchange is to sync Time Matters to Outlook and Outlook to Google. Google Calendar and Gmail Contacts can sync seamlessly over the air with the Droid. You need to use software like gSyncit for $14.95 or another utility to keep Outlook in sync with Google.