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New versions of Time Matters are released about once each year. In the past it was possible to save money by skipping versions. That made each upgrade more expensive, but you saved money by paying for fewer of them.

Reasons to Upgrade: Time Matters

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Now to get an upgrade you must either have an active AMP or else buy the software at full price. Keeping your AMP subscription in force is now the lowest-cost method for getting upgrades.

If you let your AMP expire, you will not reduce your costs unless you skip two or three new versions. You will also miss out on Service Packs, live Technical Support, and online training. When you find yourself needing a new version or Technical Support, perhaps because of a compatibility issue, you pay a larger amount all at once instead of spreading it out predictably with an AMP subscription.

Reasons to Upgrade to a New Version

  1. New versions have links to the newest versions of third-party products, including smartphones, MS Windows, MS Word, Adobe Acrobat, and many others.

  2. New versions make improvements to existing features.

  3. New versions add new features that save time, keep you organized, and improve client service.

  4. New versions contain the latest fixes for software issues.

When to Upgrade

Within a week after a "point-one" release (e.g. Time Matters 14.1), most users have upgraded to a new version of Time Matters. When you maintain your Annual Maintenance Plan, you receive new versions (both whole number and point releases) at no additional cost. We usually recommend that you upgrade once the point-one release for a new version is available.

You may want to plan your upgrade for a time when your schedule is somewhat less busy. Waiting unnecessarily long to upgrade means that you delay receiving the benefits and savings delivered by the new version.

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