Share Documents Securely

Time Matters Secure Document Sharing

About Secure Document Sharing

With Time Matters 13 and a current Annual Maintenance Plan, you can share documents with clients and others. Time Matters 13 integrates features of WatchDox, a secure document sharing service.

In my opinion, two aspects of this service set it apart from alternatives:

  • It makes receiving documents really easy for your clients.
  • It allows you to send documents quickly from within Time Matters.

Share a Document


  • Your client has no password to remember.
  • Your documents are extremely secure and well protected.
  • The document links in the e-mails you send work only for the recipients on their PCs.
  • Strong encryption protects your documents without hassles.

When to Use Secure Document Sharing

  • A document is sensitive.
  • You don't want a document intercepted or left easily available as an e-mail attachment.
  • You want to be sure that a client received a document.
  • You want to assure your client that they can send or receive a document privately.

Set Up Secure Document Sharing

  1. Click on the Time Matters Help menu
  2. Go to: Contents > Sharing Documents > Administration Questions > How do I enable document sharing?
  3. Follow the instructions

How to Share Documents

To share one or more documents with a client or other person:

  1. Tag documents on Documents Tab of a Matter and click Share
  2. Choose Client or add client's e-mail (that adds client to list for future sharing)
  3. Click: Share Documents

An e-mail is sent to the recipient(s) and a confirmation e-mail is sent to you. No e-mail setup is needed for this feature to work.

What Your Client Does

  1. Client receives and e-mail with a link.
  2. Client clicks in the e-mail to receive an Authentication e-mail. Client only does this once.
  3. Client receives the Authentication e-mail with a link to shared documents.
  4. Clicking the link sets up document sharing tied to that computer.

When sharing more documents, an e-mail is sent for each document with a link. Client does not need to go through the authentication steps - just click the link in the new e-mail to open the document.

Client can open and send documents from a webpage:

Read more about Time Matters Secure Document Sharing in the Time Matters Help on Sharing Documents.