Outlook Connect Options

Most users simply need to save (connect) e-mails from Outlook into Time Matters. They only need the Connect as Email button in MS Outlook.

The Connect as Document has some advantages (saves all the hidden data in an e-mail message and attachments), but it places saved e-mails on the Documents tabs in Time Matters. That can be confusing.

This tip shows you how to prevent or allow the Connect as Document button from appearing in MS Outlook.

You may choose to limit users to connecting (saving) Outlook Emails to Time Matters as TM Emails or allow users to connect Outlook Emails as either TM Emails or as Documents that appear on TM Documents tabs.

The option is a Program Level setting, so it applies to all users. They all see either one button or both buttons.

Program Level Setup

Settings apply to all users.

In this screenshot, Both is selected so that both buttons will appear in MS Outlook.
Both buttons will appear after highlighting an e-mail and selecting the Time Matters tab.

Add Connect as Email to the Quick Access Toolbar

Add a button to an Outlook toolbar for the fastest way to save (connect) an MS Outlook e-mail to Time Matters.

You need to have an e-mail highlighted, then:

  1. Click on the Time Matters tab.
  2. Right-click on Connect as Email.
  3. Click on: Add to Quick Access Toolbar.

Connect as Email Button in the Quick Access Toolbar

The Connect as Email button appears in the Quick Access Toolbar.