Set Pop-Up Alarms

Time Matters can automatically set pop-up Alarms to remind you of important Events on your Calendar. You can set an Alarm manually, but using the automatic approach is more reliable and efficient. The method described here uses Classification Codes. Each Event with a particular Code will automatically have an alarm that reminds you a number of minutes ahead of time.

How to Set Pop-Up Alarms Automatically

Once an automatic Alarm is set up, you do not have to do anything to make it work. You enter an Event with the right Code and it will have an Alarm.

To set up an automatic Alarm:

  1. Pick a Classification Code for a type of Event that needs an automatic Alarm, such as CONF for Conference.
  2. Create a Trigger that will turn on an Alarm for each of these Events. In the Main Menu, go to: File | Setup | Templates | Triggers | Event
  3. Add a new Trigger, filling in these areas:
    1. Description: CONF Alarm

    2. Trigger... Fires when Record Added

    3. Scope... ALL Selected - Code CONF|Conference - Staff RSB (your Staff name, usually your initials)
    4. Active... Always

  4. Add an Action to the Trigger by pressing the Add button.

    • Action to Take - Change Field

    • Change Field - Alarm to New Value of Y

    • Show Labels - Default

  5. Click: OK OK

Now when you enter an Event with the Code, CONF, an Alarm will appear on your screen a number of minutes ahead of time so long as Time Matters is running.