Fix for Missing Buttons - Workstation Level Setup

If a Time Matters button is missing in MS Outlook, MS Word, or Acrobat, refreshing the Time Matters Add-Ins in Workstation Level Setup often brings it back.

To refresh Time Matters buttons in other programs:

  1. Close all third-party programs, such as MS Outlook, MS Word, and Acrobat.
  2. Close Time Matters, right-click on the Time Matters icon on your Desktop or Start Menu (but not on the Task Bar)
  3. Click: Run As Administrator
  4. In Time Matters, go to File | Setup | General | Workstation Level | External Program Setup
  5. Uncheck all the boxes. Press OK.
  6. Click on: External Program Setup
  7. Check the boxes for all the programs you use with Time Matters, except:
  8. Do not check the 3 boxes: "Perform a TM Save when..."
  9. Press OK

Now check to see if the buttons are back and working.