Change Document Paths

If you need to move your document files to a drive that has a different drive letter or to a different folder, you can change the file paths in your Time Matters Document records all at once.

To change the file paths in Document records, you can use a Change Template. It performs much faster than the File | Utilities | Document Management utility.

It is important that the directions be followed precisely. You could make an error that changes the Document records in a way that they cannot be fixed other than manually, one at a time, or by restoring from a database backup.

There are a lot of steps, but they are mostly just clicking to select options. It makes sense to run a backup before proceeding. Main Menu | Backup Time Matters Data | Check the first 2 boxes | OK.

To change document paths:

  1. Backup your Time Matters database as a precaution
  2. Go to Time Matters Main Menu | Database
  3. Choose: Documents
  4. Go to Time Matters Main Menu | Search
  5. Select Advanced Search
  6. Select: FileName
  7. Select: Starts With
  8. Fill in the old file path you want to change, for example, M:\Docs\
  9. Press OK
  10. Right-click anywhere on the list and choose: Tag Record | Tag All Records
  11. In the Time Matters Main Men, click: Process
  12. Click: Change Records | Create New Template | Change Contents of a Field
  13. In this example, the & replaces M:\Docs\. Time Matters can use the & (ampersand) as an alias for the Shared Files Directory. If you are not using the & alias, you could type a different path, such as G:\Docs\, in place of the & above.
  14. Press Next, Next, Next. Uncheck: Backup Data Files.
  15. Click Finish.
  16. Your filtered Document list should now be empty because you have changed all the file paths.

If you run this process and nothing changes, it usually means that you have not entered the old file path correctly in step 6, above.

For assistance with this process or any other aspect of Time Matters, you are welcome to call 800.575.0007 or <a Click to send an e-mail...