Billing Matters Revived!

Billing Matters "Sunrise"

On 8/15/2011, we sent out the following E-mail Announcement:

LexisNexis has revived the billing and timekeeping features of Billing Matters.

Billing Matters will not be discontinued on December 31, 2013.

I am most pleased with this decision. As an original member of the LexisNexis CIC Advisory board, my colleagues and I advocated for the preservation of the billing and timekeeping parts of Billing Matters.

More importantly, Time Matters/Billing Matters customers spoke loud and clear that they wanted to continue using Billing Matters with Time Matters for entering time and expenses and creating bills.

LexisNexis listened. They announced the "sunrise" of Billing Matters today. See the "For Customers" tab at  or click here:
Billing Matters Announcement

Advantages of Billing Matters

I believe Billing Matters offers an excellent way for law offices that use Time Matters to track time and produce bills. It is literally a part of Time Matters, sharing the same database and code base.

Many of you have used Billing Matters for years. You have made use of its powerful features for automating the recording of time and production of bills. Now you can continue to use Billing Matters, confident that LexisNexis continues to support and improve this popular product.

Development and improvement of Billing Matters will resume this year.

Accounting Features Discontinued

The accounting features of Billing Matters will be discontinued at the end of 2013.

QuickBooks has proven to be the most popular accounting software among the small firms I work with. Billing Matters will continue to support the link to recent versions of QuickBooks.

Cost and Features of Billing Matters

The Billing Matters features will require a Time Matters / Billing Matters Annual Maintenance Plan as before. Standard pricing for the renewal of an AMP for Time Matters / Billing Matters customers is $560 for the first user and $240 for added users. Compared to the AMP for Time Matters alone, including Billing Matters adds $210 for the first user and $90 for each added user. For details, please see the LexisNexis website.

If you currently have Time Matters / Billing Matters and use the accounting features you may continue to do so.


If you have questions about this development, I will be happy to talk to you. I can assist you in deciding what to do about timekeeping and billing and how to get the most out of your software.

More Information and Webinars

For more information, please our Billing Matters page:

We are planning a special Webinar devoted to Billing Matters.

Please watch our homepage for links to more information about the Billing Matters sunrise -