Billing Matters Information

Billing Matters is a timekeeping and billing system that may be added to Time Matters as an option.

The most compelling reasons for using Billing Matters are:

  • Bill Your Time Faster - Because Billing Matters is built into Time Matters, you can use a wealth of shortcuts to bill fast for all that you do. Timekeeping is a necessary diversion from your real work. Minimize it with Billing Matters.
  • Get Your Bills Out Faster - Automate your regular monthly billing and one-off invoices to save hours of time. Sending out monthly bills can be a drag. Speed up the process with Billing Matters.

Billing Matters has the special advantage that it is built into Time Matters rather than existing as a separate program that links to Time Matters. So there are no hassles with separate upgrades, broken links or incompatibilities.

Billing Matters supports timekeeping that is available within Time Matters records. It has a full, flexible invoicing system that handles hourly, flat and contingent fees with a deep set of options. Billing Matters tracks Accounts Receivable and Trust Accounts and offers a broad set of reports.


Billing Matters is not a full-featured accounting system. Many of our customers use QuickBooks for accounting. Billing Matters can link to QuickBooks, allowing you to send client information, matter information and transactions from Billing Matters to QuickBooks.

PCLaw from LexisNexis includes both billing and accounting and is an alternative to Billing Matters and QuickBooks.

Billing Matters Tips, Webinars and Consulting

This website contains a variety of resources on Billing Matters. Check out our 1234 Tips Blog and our Articles . You can click on the Billing Matters topic on the lower left side of these pages for a listing of Billing Matters information.

We can assist you in implementing Billing Matters and in understanding how to get it working better for you.

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