Alerts Window

Time Matters starts by showing you the Alerts window. The Alerts window can remind you about things that need attention. But you may prefer other approaches for keeping track of what you need to do. The Calendar is a better place to start for most people. This tip shows you how to prevent the Alerts windows from appearing every time you open Time Matters.

Preventing the Alerts Window from Opening Automatically

The Alerts window appears automatically when you open Time Matters.

To prevent the Alerts window from opening automatically:

  1. Go to: File | Setup | General | User Level Setup.

  2. Uncheck the Show Alerts and Reminders Screen after Program Login checkbox.

More about the Alerts Window

To read more about the Alerts window:

  1. Go to: Main Menu | Calendar | Alerts, Reminders and Watches

  2. Click the Help button

  3. Click: More Help