Saving Attachments to Time Matters

Using the Time Matters Add-In for Microsoft Outlook, you can quickly save attachments.

This feature lets you create Document records linked to a Matter, editing the Document Name, Code and Folder for each attachment.

I have made a number of customizations to make this technique work as efficiently as possible.

Watch this 4-minute video to see how it works.

Click the Full Screen button in the lower right corner. Press Esc or F to exit Full Screen.

The Up and Down arrows change the Volume. Spacebar stops and starts the video.


This Document Form has been customized to use folder names that are entered in the Matter records. This naming approach differs from the typical Time Matters setup that uses the Client Name and Matter Name for folders. Some firms already have their own set of document folders that don’t follow the typical Time Matters setup. This customized Document Form allows a firm to stay with its existing folder structure.

Attachment options for the Time Matters Add-In are configured within Outlook:

  • File / Options / Add-Ins

  • Click: LexisNexis Practice Management Integration

  • Click: Add-in Options

The video illustrates the saving of the email itself as a Document. The typical practice is to save emails as Time Matters Email records that appear on the Email tab of each Matter. In contrast, when saving emails as documents:

  • They appear together with Correspondence (which may or may not be desirable).

  • The internet header (invisible email content) showing the date and origin of the email is preserved.

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