Synchronize Time Matters with Smartphones

You can have your Time Matters Contacts, Calendar and ToDo’s in your smartphone and tablet. With Office 365, you can access the same information in your web browser using Outlook Web Access.


The Time Matters Exchange Synchronization service synchronizes Contacts, Events and Todos to Microsoft Exchange. This can be an on premise or a hosted Exchange server such as Office 365.

The Exchange Synchronization utility is a separate download and install and is included with your Time Matters license.

Synchronization includes additions, changes, and deletions in one direction or in both directions between Time Matters and your devices. The types of records include:

  • Time Matters Contacts to Exchange Personal Contacts

  • Time Matters Events to Exchange Personal Calendar

  • Time Matters Todos to Exchange Personal Tasks

The synchronization is essentially live, running every few seconds. The synchronization program is installed on a computer in your office, typically your file server.

Another option for synchronization can be used when you do not have MS Exchange. Manual synchronization with Time Matters can be set up for Outlook on the personal computer of each person who needs to sync with their smartphone or tablet. For the sync to update records, it needs to be run manually each time with several clicks in Time Matters on the user's PC. Outlook can then synchronize automatically with the user's device(s).