Time Matters 16.2.2 Release Announced

The Time Matters 16.2.1 maintenance release has been withdrawn due to two issues. These issues only affect the Billing Matters BillFlow Manager and the QuickBooks link:

  1. BillFlow Manager will bring back deleted bills if they were deleted in BillFlow Manager and you close and reopen BillFlow Manager.
  2. The Billing Matters General Ledger reports - Billing (AR) GL Distribution - are out of balance and interfere with sending data to QuickBooks.

LexisNexis has announced that Time Matters 16.2.2 will fix these issues and is scheduled for release September 5, 2017. [Updated]

LexisNexis recommends that customers on Time Matters 16.2 downgrade their software to Time Matters 16.1 until the new release is available. LexisNexis Technical Support can assist with the downgrade.

Based on the rash of problems with the recent Time Matters 16 releases, I recommend that customers hold off on upgrading to Time Matters 16 except in certain situations. For example, if you are not using Billing Matters or the QuickBooks link, the related problems in the 16.2 releases won't affect you. But you still need to be aware of limitations in the various releases of Time Matters 15 and 16.

See our Updates to Time Matters page for more information. More...