Marketing Yourself with Webinars

You can attract new clients and professionals who refer business to you by presenting periodic Webinars. But wait a second, maybe the very idea of being a Webinar presenter makes you think, "Me? No way!" Before you dismiss the idea of being a presenter, let's take a look at what assumptions could be holding you back from doing Webinars.
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Effective Client Communication

Choosing the Right Medium for Your Message
Let’s say you are working on a legal matter and you need your client to answer a question for you. You don’t need an answer immediately, but you are under some time pressure and are busy with other matters as well. You call the client and get a voice mail greeting. Now what do you do: Leave a voice mail? Send an e-mail? Instant message? Call later? Or perhaps you are drafting an agreement involving several parties. You could e-mail attachments to everyone and work it out through volleys of e-mails, but are there better alternatives?
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Start a Blog to Grow Your Practice

How can writing a blog really grow your practice? Would it be ignored, lost in the morass of the Internet? Would it take more time than it is worth? In this interview, Kevin O’Keefe, president of LexBlog (, answers these questions and more about the value of blogs for growing your client base and about what makes blogs work.
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