Calendar Quick Tips - Set 1

Time Matters 14 introduced new calendar features and a new look to the Calendar. Here is a video and a few tips to introduce you to the new Time Matters Calendar.

Calendar Video

In this 6 1/2 minute video, I show many new features and tips for using the new Time Matters Calendar:

New Time Matters Calendar - Features and Tips Video

Scroll Week by Week in Month View

Click anywhere in the Monthly Calendar. Press the Up or Down Arrow keys to scroll back or forward one week at a time.

Press the PgUp and PgDn keys to scroll a Screen at a time.

The Magic Tab Key

Click on any Event in any Calendar View. Press the Tab key to jump to the Next Event. You will see the two tiny white box handles on the top and bottom edges of the Event you are on. Press the Enter key to open the selected Event.

Pressing the Tab and Enter key is a great way to review and add details to to any Events in your day.

Pop-Up Descriptions

Click in the Work Week view anywhere. Then hover the mouse over an Event. A pop-up shows the Description of the Event and other fields.