Centerbase Overview


All of the flexibility and functionality your server-based practice management software offered is now available in the cloud.



Timekeeping & Expense Tracking
Easily and accurately record your time while you are working. Every minute of every day is captured, recorded and billed in your stream without having to go back. 

Billing & Collections
Dramatically reduce the time needed to generate and send invoices each month. Email invoices and accept credit card payments through Centerbase. Get paid faster. 

Integrated Accounting
Manage your back office with the Centerbase integrated accounting module. 

Document Management
All your documents are at your fingertips. Organize and access them from anywhere on any device. Integrate with Microsoft Office to tie documents to timekeeping. 

Calendar and Project Management
Track meetings, depositions, court dates and deadlines effortlessly. Enter time as you finish a task. Organize, visualize, and execute complex firm projects, matters, and litigation. 

Business Development
Your firm’s client database should be treated like the valuable asset that it is. Centerbase lets you leverage this asset to grow your practice with existing clients and build new relationships. 

Reporting and Analytics
Reporting and analytics features give real-time insight into a firm’s productivity and profitability. Visualize data, view custom reports and graphical representations of billing hours, revenues, and invoices. 

Access information and perform critical tasks from anywhere on your mobile iOS or Android device with a native Centerbase app. 

Workflows and Automation
Capture your institutional knowledge and best practices with workflows that are configured to your firm’s processes. Dramatically reduce time and effort for client intake, conflict checks, invoice preparation and collections, standard document creation and more.

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