Document Management Benefits

The Time Matters Document Management System, when properly configured, delivers the following benefits.

Improved file organization

  • Documents and files are saved consistently to folders
  • Finding and reviewing documents is faster and easier
  • At a glance, attorneys and staff can see what's happened in a case: Tabs and Lists

Find documents faster

  • See documents on a case directly from the Documents tab in Time Matters
  • View documents without opening WordPerfect
  • Search the contents of documents - like a Google search through all your documents

Create documents faster

  • Create and save documents on the server and in Time Matters in one set of steps
  • Automate the insertion of case and client information into documents
  • Accelerate the document creation process

Create documents consistently and accurately

  • Fillable, boilerplate letters and pleadings promote accurate content in documents
  • Changes in client personnel are immediately reflected in new documents
  • Case and client information updated in one place, Time Matters

Archiving of closed cases and documents is systematic

  • When one case or multiple cases are closed, the case records and document files can be archived
  • Requires the addition of TM DocArchiver, which systematically moves document files from the main server drive to an archive drive
  • Allows the retrieval of archived documents from archives using Time Matters