Upgrade to Time Matters 12 Service Pack 1

Recommendation: Upgrade to Time Matters 12 SP1

We recommend that the large majority of Time Matters customers upgrade to Time Matters 12 SP1. Service Pack 1 resolved the significant issues we were concerned about in the initial release of Time Matters 12.

New Features in Time Matters 12

  • Time Matters for MS Outlook - Adds a useful sidebar in MS Outlook giving you direct access to Time Matters information on Contacts who send you Email and their related Matters. You also get a Time Matters Search box for rapid access to information from Time Matters without leaving Outlook.
  • Time Entry Advisor - Capture billable time you would otherwise miss. (This feature should get an enhancement to make it significantly more useful in a future Service Pack.)

Products Not Supported by Time Matters 12

Customers who rely on links to a few very aging third party products will need to upgrade those third party products before installing Time Matters 12. Old products not supported by Time Matters 12 include:

  • PaperPort 11 - (Limited support for TM11; none for TM12)
  • PCLaw version 8
  • QuickBooks version 8
  • Timeslips 2006 and 2007
  • WordPerfect X3

Issues Fixed in Time Matters 12

Service Pack 1 fixes a list of 28 issues. The original release of Time Matters 12 fixed 60 issues. If you are still using Time Matters 11.1 or earlier, you will find that quality has improved significantly in the latest release.