TM Mobility Tips

Logging in to TM Mobility

Save the above link in your Favorites or Shortcuts in the Web browser on your mobile phone, laptop and home computer.

To login to TM Mobility:

  1. Enter your e-mail address and new password (see instructions, below, about passwords.).
  2. Click the box, "Remember Me." It will save your e-mail address, but for safety will not save your password.
  3. Click Sign In.

Next time, you will only have to enter your Password to login.

Finding Contacts and Matters

The Search box for Contacts and Matters works very simply. Just type part of the name you want to find and then click the Search button (magnifying glass).

Up to 5 records will appear. Press More... to see another 5. And again for 5 more. There is no need to use wildcards like * or ? They are not supported.


You need to have a strong Time Matters password to use TM Mobility. If you have not used a password to open Time Matters, or have just used your User ID (initials) as a TM password, it needs to be changed.

You won't have to enter your strong password every time you open Time Matters on your computer if you Save This Login. That is an option you can set after changing your password inside Time Matters.

To set the Save This Login option:

  1. Exit and reopen Time Matters
  2. At the Login window, click Options in the lower left
  3. Check the box: Save This Login
  4. Enter your User ID and Password

In order to protect your Time Matters database, TM Mobility requires that you use strong password for each TM Mobility user. A strong password must have:

- At least one uppercase letter
- At least one lowercase letter
- At least one number
- Nothing that matches your Time Matters user name

For example: Xedina12

We recommend avoiding punctuation or spaces in passwords for Time Matters. They can be difficult to enter on mobile devices and some punctuation is not supported.

Required Password Changes

Time Matters Mobility users must change their passwords at least every 90 days. This requirement is consistent with industry standard security practices.

You cannot change your password to one that is that same as any of your previous 5 passwords.

You can simply change a number on the end of your password when creating a new password.