TM-AutoBackup Success Story

TM-AutoBackup Warns Small Firm of Locked Database

A client of ours runs a busy East Coast law practice. Last night she was warned by an automated e-mail that the Time Matters backup had failed to run.

Based on that warning, her local computer expert came in and fixed the problem on the server before the law office staff arrived for work.

Without the advance warning, the firm would have lost a lot of productive time.

TM-AutoBackup is a backup program specifically for Time Matters. It automatically backs up the Time Matters database creating a MS SQL Server .BAK backup file every night on a schedule.

Unlike other approaches to backing up Time Matters, TM-AutoBackup sends you a WARNING e-mail if the backup fails for any number of reasons. A side benefit of this feature is that TM-AutoBackup can warn you when your database is down.

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