Time Matters Links to Word 2003 Sunset in July 2013

Time Matters 12 SP2 Will Not Link to Word 2003

If you use Word 2003 and also use the TM Save button or Time Matters Merge Templates, you face a choice in July 2013. Either:

  1. Upgrade Word 2003 to 2007, 2010, or 2013 and upgrade to TM12 SP2, or
  2. Stay on Word 2003 and on Time Matters 12 SP1 or earlier.

LexisNexis states that Time Matters 12 Service Pack 2 will not install if MS Word 2003 is present on your computer. You need to replace Word 2003 with a later version.

Word 2013 support is planned for TM12 SP2 in July 2013, so you may want to upgrade all the way to Word 2013 after the release of Service Pack 2.

What If You Love the Word 2003 Menus and Hate the New Ribbon?

If you or some of the people in your office can't stand the thought of abandoning your Word 2003 menus, don't worry! You can add the old Word menus to Word 2010 or 2013.

For $15 per PC, you can purchase Classic Menu for Office 2010 here:


If you want the classic menus in Office 2013, you will need to spend $29.50 for Classic Menu for Office 2010 and 2013 from Addintools - www.addintools.com

Volume discounts apply for purchases of as few as two licenses.

Which MS Word: 2010 or 2013?

Bear in mind that Time Matters will support Word 2013 only in the release of Time Matters 12 Service Pack 2 in July 2013. Before you decide to upgrade to Word 2013, you may want to wait for initial reports of any issues with Service Pack 2. That means planning on upgrading to Word 2013 and TM12 SP2 no earlier than August or September.

Word 2013 will not run on Windows XP, so definitely plan on upgrading to Word 2010 if you have users on Windows XP machines. XP is now really, really old, so you should seriously consider upgrading to Windows 7 or even Windows 8. Time Matters will support Windows 8 with TM12 SP2.

Upgrading to Office 2010 can be a bit pricey. Amazon sells the Microsoft Office Home & Business 2010 Key Card here: Office 2010 from Amazon

The best deal for upgrading to Office 2013 is to subscribe to Office 365 Small Business Premium for $150/user/year. Why? See our ABA TECHSHOW paper for a detailed description of the very restrictive Office 2013 software license versus the much more liberal terms of the license for Office 2013 that comes with an Office 365 subscription.

A subscription to Office 365 includes the right to install the Office 2013 programs on up to 5 devices. It allows you to move your licenses from an older PC to a new some, something that the software license for Office 2013 does not allow.