Time Matters for MS Outlook Security

Time Matters for MS Outlook (TMO) places a handy Time Matters sidebar on the right side of MS Outlook. In order to maintain the security of the Time Matters program, which can limit the records a user can see and change, TMO relies on the Time Matters login.

When you are in MS Outlook, you can see the Contact and Matter records related to a person who has sent you an e-mail, but only if your Time Matters Security restrictions (if any) allow you to. The person's e-mail address needs to be present in a Time Matters Contact record for TMO to make the match.

TMO requires that you use the Time Matters option, Save This Login. If you can open Time Matters without entering your username and password, you have the Save This Login option enabled. If you current have to enter your Time Matters username and password to open Time Matters, you need to activate the Save This Login option on your computer. To do that, you click the Options button in the Time Matters login window and check the box, Save This Login.

Some offices do not allow users to Save This Login for security reasons. With this option enabled, someone else could sit down at your PC and open your Time Matters without supplying a username and password unless you are logged out of Windows or your screen is locked.

We recommend that you use the Windows security features to protect your computer if you are concerned that an unauthorized person might sit at your computer and open Time Matters. Windows allows you to logout and still keep your programs running. It also has options to lock your screen or automatically log you out after X minutes (a number you set).

Except in some situations and places, such as when a computer is available in a lobby or conference room, we don't believe the extra security of requiring Time Matters users to login is necessary. The Save This Login option not only makes it easier to get into Time Matters but also allows you to use Time Matters for MS Outlook.