Restoring Your Time Matters 11 Database

Time Matters 11 added the TM Mobility service that gives you access to limited information in your database from any Web browser. TM Mobility is especially useful on mobile phones.

In order to restore a Time Matters 11 database from backup, you need to stop the services that power TM Mobility. They are:

  • LexisNexis Practice Management Common API
  • LexisNexis Practice Management Mobility Data Service

If you have not stopped these services, you will get an error message like:
"exclusive access could not be obtained"

To stop these services, go to:

  1. Start | Run (you may need to type Run in the search box) or hold down the Windows key (between Ctrl and Alt) and type R.
  2. Type: services.msc and press Enter
  3. Right-click on each of the above services and choose Stop
  4. Remember to restart them after completing the Restore. To restart a service, follow steps 1 and 2. Right-click it and choose Restart.

For instructions on how to restore a Time Matters database, see:

CAUTION: We recommend that you work with a consultant or LexisNexis Technical Support to perform a Restore. Make sure you have a good, current backup before proceeding.