Relating Attorneys to Firms

Time Matters can create an Automatic Relationship between one record and another through the use of a Lookup Button. This relationship allows you to see what attorneys are related to a law firm; their names appear on the Related tab of the law firm's Contact record.

Overview - Relating Attorneys to Firms

Relating attorney Contact records to a law firm Contact record serves several purposes:

  • Save time when entering multiple Contact records for attorneys in the same firm.
  • Be aware when you are dealing with a law firm that may be involved in other Matters.
  • Save time and improve consistency when an attorney changes firms and when a law firm changes its address.

When you need to add a Contact record for an attorney, you should first check the Contact list to see if the law firm is already in your Contact list. If you do not have a separate record for the law firm, check to see whether you have another attorney from that law firm. If so, it is a good idea to add separate record for the law firm, then relate both attorneys' Contact records to that firm.

To relate an attorney Contact record to a law firm record, you first need to have an existing, separate record for the law firm. Then in the attorney's Contact record, you can use the Lookup Button by the Firm field to link the two records and bring the law firm name and address into the attorney Contact record.

Law Firm Contact Records

A Firm record differs from a Contact record for an individual in several ways:

  1. The button just to the left of the name is clicked so that it reads Org Name.
  2. The firm's name is entered in Org Name, in Last, and in Firm.
  3. The Classification Code for Firm is entered in the Code field.

Relating an Attorney Record to a Firm Record

The attorney's address goes in Area 2 of the attorney's Contact record. Instead of typing it in, relate the attorney's Contact record to the law firm's Contact record.

To relate a new attorney Contact record to the law firm Contact record:

  1. Add a new Contact record for the attorney.

  2. Fill in the attorney's name and Classification Code.

  3. Click the Lookup Button next to the Firm field.

  4. Select the law firm Contact record and double-click it.