How to Manage Dates and Deadlines

These techniques and tips on how to manage dates and deadlines with Time Matters were presented during our free monthly Webinar on 11-12-2010. To attend future Webinars, please register. Click here to register...

Make the Most of the Calendar

Set your Calendar View

Use the Multi-Day view and set the default for 5 or 7 days. It will help you see what is coming up. Add or remove ToDo's from the bottom depending on whether or not you use them.

Use Color-Coding

Make important appointments and deadlines stand out.

Set Event colors:

  • Go to: Main Menu | File | Setup | Codes | Classification Codes | Events
  • Double-click on a Code
  • Choose one of the darker colors

Set Staff colors:

  • Main Menu | Database | Staff
  • Double-click on a Staff
  • Click Options tab
  • Click Color
  • Choose one of the darker colors

Switch between color by Code and by Staff:

  • Right-click on the Calendar
  • Choose Display Options
  • Select Multi-Day tab
  • In Header Color, select Code or select Staff

Setup Weekdays and Weekends

Set Weekday hours:

  • Main Menu | File | Setup | General | User Level | Calendar
  • Set Workday Start Time and Workday End Time

Change the background color of Weekdays and Weekends

  • Right-click on the Calendar
  • Choose Display Options
  • Select Multi-Day tab
  • Press the Weekdays button
  • Choose a lighter color from the squares or press the Custom Colors button
  • Press the Weekend button
  • Choose a lighter gray or other color from the squares or press the Custom Colors button

Date Fields in Matters plus Events on Calendar

Set the option to Add an Event when a Date is filled in.

Ensure You Meet Deadlines Using ToDo's

Setting an Alarm on a ToDo

To get your attention, there's nothing like a pop-up window or an audible alarm - better yet - both!

Time Matters lets you set an Alarm for a ToDo. An Alarm pops up a window and sounds an alarm (if your speakers are live and not muted) at a time that you set.

To set an Alarm on a ToDo:

  1. Add or open a ToDo record.
  2. Check the Notify box.
  3. If necessary, show the Notify area by clicking in the ToDo menu on View | Notify Area.
  4. Check the Alarm box and enter 5 in the box for the number of minutes.
  5. Important: Tab or click out of the Minutes field.
  6. Press Save & Close. A window prompts you for a time.
  7. Enter the time of day that you want to work on the ToDo.

The Alarm will go off on the date of the ToDo five minutes before the time you entered. You will hear a sound and see the window pop up if you are at your PC. It will pop up over other programs so long as Time Matters is running.

Check Your Alarms for Today

You can check on the times of your Alarms set for today, both ToDo and Event Alarms. Go to the Main Menu | View | Alarm Status. Here you see the Time and Description of each ToDo and Event that has an Alarm today.

Alarms Work only when Time Matters Is Running

Alarms are intended to work only while Time Matters is running. Open your Time Matters in the morning and leave it running all day long. If you shut down Time Matters, you need to rely on your ToDo list and your Calendar to check for ToDo's or Events. A good thing about leavng Time Matters running is that when you return to your desk, you will see all the Alarms that went off while you were away.

Use a SIMPLE Delegation System

At Active Practice we have developed a system for delegating work to others and following up on that work. The system is inspired by Tom Rowe's ground-breaking work, but is much more streamlined.

Please contact me for more information on our Delegation System.