Disable the Droid Sound on Startup

More and more attorneys are switching to the Droid family of mobile phones because of their flexibility and large collection of free or inexpensive special purpose apps.

An occasional annoyance with the Droid is the "Droooiiid" sound it makes at startup. That may be fun to hear the first few times, but in you don't want that disruption in a variety of situations.

If you don't want the Droid make its signature sound when you turn it on, you need to take steps ahead of time to silence the Droid's startup sound. If you have not done so, you cannot silence the sound while your Droid is starting up.

To silence the Droid startup sound:

  1. Go to: Settings | Sound
  2. Press the Notification ringtone drop-down
  3. Scroll up to the top and press: Silent
  4. Press OK

The Phone ringtone is set separately on the Sound screen.

You may also want to set other Sound options. The Vibrate setting for the Droid is far from silent, especially if the Droid is on a hard surface. So you may want to disable the Vibrate function.

Choosing "Only when not in Silent mode" on the Vibrate drop-down will keep the phone truly quiet when you want it to be silent. Of course that means you won't know when you receive an incoming call.

To disable the phone's ringtone temporarily, set the Droid to Silent. At the main menu, depress the Power button and tap Silent mode. Or, when the Droid wakes up from Sleep, drag the Speaker icon from right to left. To turn Sound back on, perform either one of these operations again.