Certificate Expiration for TM Add-Ins

Certificates for Time Matters add-ins for some programs expired on 6/23/2012.

You will probably be affected if:

  • You are using any version of Time Matters before 11.1 SP1, AND
  • You use any TM links, including TM Save in Acrobat, WordPerfect, Word and other MS Office apps, and TM Connect in Outlook.

Expect these links to stop working after 6/23/2012, unless you have updated to Time Matters 11.1 Service Pack 1 or applied a fix for TM9, TM10, TM11 or TM11.1 without SP1. There are no fixes for version 8 and earlier as those versions are no longer supported.

We recommend updating to Time Matters 11.1 SP1 for the fewest problems.

All of your options and instructions are described by LexisNexis here:

Updating from Time Matters 11.0 or 11.1 to Time Matters 11.1 Service Pack 1 is quite fast. You do not need to create a new database. You need to run the new setupe.exe (as Administrator on Windows 7) on each PC.

Upgrading from Time Matters 9 or 10 to 11.1 SP1 is more involved. Professional assistance is recommended.

After updating Time Matters, you may need to refresh some of the third party links using the buttons and checkboxes in Workstation Level Setup. For more information, see the Links topic in our blog, 1234Tips:

Please let me know if you would like any additional advice or assistance.

Wells H. Anderson, J.D., CIC -- 800.575.0007