Alarms for ToDos

Time Matters ToDo's can help you cope with the demands you face each day. The Alarm feature can call your attention to your most important ToDo's. An Alarm plays a sound through your computer speaker and pops up a window in the middle of your screen to remind you of an important ToDo. The window shows you the Description of the ToDo and lets you press a Snooze button for 1, 5, 15 or 30 minutes. To set an Alarm on a ToDo record:

  1. Add or open a ToDo record.
  2. Check the Notify box.
  3. Open the Notify area of the ToDo by clicking in the menu on View | Notify Area.
  4. Check the Alarm box and enter 5 in the box for the number of minutes.
  5. Press Save & Close. A window prompts you for a time.
  6. Enter the time of day that you want to work on the ToDo.

ToDo Form

The Alarm will go off on the date of the ToDo five minutes before the time you entered. You will hear a sound and see the window pop up if you are at your PC. It will pop up over other programs so long as Time Matters is running.

You can check on the times of your Alarms set for today, both ToDo and Event Alarms. Go to the Main Menu | View | Alarm Status. Here you see the Time and Description of each ToDo and Event that has an Alarm today.

Alarms are intended to work only while Time Matters is running. Open your Time Matters in the morning and leave it running all day long. If you shut down Time Matters, you need to rely on your ToDo list and your Calendar to check for ToDo's or Events. A good thing about leavng Time Matters running is that when you return to your desk, you will see the Alarms that went off while you were away.