Adobe Acrobat and Time Matters

Update - May 2, 2016 - Time Matters 15.1.1 supports Acrobat DC and Adobe Reader DC

No version of Time Matters supports Acrobat DC or Adobe Reader DC at this writing. A work-around is to save a PDF to the appropriate Client/Matter folder and then send it to Time Matters. Here is one method:

  1. Open the PDF file in Acrobat DC
  2. Press: Ctrl-Shift-S
  3. Navigate to the Client/Matter folder
  4. Press Enter or click Save (optional: change the filename first)
  5. Press: Ctrl-Shift-S
  6. Right-click on the filename / Send to / Time Matters
  7. Click: Create All ... without Preview
  8. Enter the Code (optional), Staff (optional), and Matter (start typing name or click Lookup button)
  9. Click OK
  10. Press Cancel or the Esc key

Other methods involve not using Acrobat DC, such as scanning to a folder as a PDF, moving the file, and using right-click to Send to Time Matters.

If the file begins life as a Word document, you can save it to Time Matters and once there, create a PDF file and Time Matters Document record by right-clicking on the file on the Document tab of a Contact or Matter and pressing Create PDF.

Installing an Older Version of Adobe Reader

You may have Adobe Reader DC installed and want an older version that works directly with Time Matters. Or you may need to install Adobe Reader on a new PC and want it to work with Time Matters.

Adobe Reader XI works with Time Matters, but it can be hard to find a safe download link for that earlier version. Here are some official Adobe links that worked as of this writing:

Adobe Reader 11.0 - Multilingual (MUI) installer

10.1 and X are also available here:

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