A Guide to Law Columnists

Available as a free PDF download, BlawgWorld 2007 describes the work of 77 authors who write regularly on the legal profession. Their writing appears in their Blawgs, columns published as Web pages and automatically downloadable with Blog or RSS reader software. The PDF eBook covers each author, what he or she writes about, and an illustrative article.

BlawgWorld 2007

You can download the free PDF eBook, BlawgWorld, here. It takes just three clicks to go to any page in the eBook using its Table of Contents interface. The Blawgs range from ours, 1234Tips, the First Time Matters Blog, to Wired GC for general counsels and WisBlawg, for legal research and Internet news emphasizing Wisconsin.

The eBook also includes a separate publication, The TechnoLawyer Problem and Solution Guide. See our separate article describing this useful publication here.

Tip for Navigating the PDF file

After you drill down to a page and want to return to where you were in the Table of Contents, use the Previous View button in Adobe Acrobat. In version 7 it appears at the bottom of the screen as left arrow in a green circle. In version 8, you may need to add it to your Toolbar by going to: Tools | Customize Toolbar. In the Page Navigation Toolbar section, check off Previous View and Next View. These controls work like the Back and Next buttons in your Web browser.