Time Matters 16.4 Recommended and What's New

Time Matters 16.4 delivers the following improvements.


Technology Upgrades for Exchange Sync and Time Matters Plug-ins for Office

Important Update - March 21, 2019: Do not apply the upgrade to Time Matters Exchange Synchronization just yet. An issue with the new version is being addressed. I still recommend upgrading to Time Matters 16.4. It works with the previous Time Matters Exchange Synchronization program. Just hold off on the separate upgrade of the Exchange Sync.

Time Matters® 16.4 features complete upgrades of the technologies underlying Exchange Server synchronization and Time Matters® add-ins for Office with resulting performance enhancements and reliability improvements in both program areas.

Updated Support for QuickBooks 2018

Time Matters now supports integration with Intuit® QuickBooksTM 2018.

Updated Support for WordPerfect X9

Time Matters now supports word processor integration with Corel® WordPerfect® X9.

Updated Support for Acrobat DC 2017 and Acrobat Reader 2017

Time Matters now supports integration with Adobe® Acrobat DC Pro, Standard, and Reader, and Adobe Acrobat 2017Pro, Standard, and Reader.

Information Display Improvements

A full 7-Day Work Week calendar view is available with an option to set as default.

The Document Version tab shows the Record Count.

The display of multi-day events can be set so they either span entire days or are flagged in the header only.

Paperless Bills with Billing Matters

An option has been added to skip printing when emailing bills to clients. To access this option, open a matter, click the Messages tab, and then select Do not print bill.

Online Help

Links to help embedded within Time Matters now open help hosted on a website, instead of opening a local compiled help file, allowing help content to be updated between point releases.

Defects Addressed

Forty-three defects addressed.  The full list of defects addressed in Time Matters 16.4 can be found here.